FREENATION is an alternative music collective, that promotes creative thought, without accepting narrow views & ideologies imposed by social prejudice, cultural cannibalism & creative bipartisan.  

FREENATION has obtained its identity from an organic blending of artist, hailing from different cities around the United States. Every artist brings an alternative element, representing the sub-cultures of his hometown & upbringing - creating a collage of sub-cultural authenticity. From Chicago to Philadelphia, FREENATION endorses an eclectic perception of truth & creative genius. 

FREENATION's mission is to deliver a comprehensive message of creative renaissance & freedoms, to a generation of creative millennial thinkers. Our goal is to "awaken" our audience from their creative "slumber" & explore the truths often hidden to self-realization. We aim to "free" our nation of people from the shackles of creative convention & miseducation - while promoting a culture of expressive truth & authenticity.